Suit Porn Studies : DI Lestrade
It all began when I drew DI Lestrade in my comic. It was the first time that I drew him. I noticed that he’s good looking but it’s a shame that he wears an unflattering trench coat. So I sketched some suits(13) for him from Absolute Suit Porn . 
I made several sketches but it would take some time to upload them. 
Frankly, I like a man in a good suit. 
The name's Francesca.

Cesca, if you want. I'm a long-winded, psychotic, paranoid, rarely funny italian geek. Basically i'm a waste of oxigen. I'm addicted to movies, tv shows, books, music, the internet, cigarettes, tea, coffee and alcohol. Nice to meet you.

I'm awfully shy, So i'll almost never write to you. But if you ask me something, i'll answer you and i'll love you forever.